Friday, January 6, 2012


for 2012 my "one little word" will be focus. i'm adopting this one from mary, and this year plan to join ali's class so that i'll have some guidance on documenting the journey. so i created the formula in the heading which is  Focus will be on Faith, Family and Friendship (knitting and sewing).  These are 3 areas that i want to give my attention to not just for 2012, but going forward.  i know based on past experiences that my friendships will be enriched through my knitting and sewing groups.  i know that these friendships will also help me meet my goals in improving my skills in both, as well as, other areas of my life (a win-win in my book).  i may try to do a focus friday update, but am not holding myself to anything just yet.  my first step in focusing on my knitting was to quell down my ravelry queue which grew to over 120 projects-yikes!

now it is to a more manageable 15

the thought behind this is that these are projects that i've either already have the yarn for, or are certainly doable over the next year (or 18 months!)-i want to keep my queue cleaner than i have in the past, and will probably begin to use my favorites for those dream projects.  i'll keep the 9 page print out so that i'll know what i had queued in case if i want to pull from those at some point.  i want to focus on quality knitting no quantity.  Also 2012 will be the year of cables, i'm pretty psyched about this one after working on baby cocktails-dark and stormy. there's just enough cabling to keep it interesting without overwhelming.


Beth said...

Dark and Stormy is beautiful! Can't wait to see yours.

Mary said...

focus is getting a great home for the year! look forward to following along your journey with the word. and the knitting!