Monday, January 9, 2012

Today I

i thought it would be fun to take a photo at 1hour intervals starting at 5:30 am- 8:30 pm, here are a few and the rest are here.

a wet soggy drive into work (6:30)

doing a little work (9:30)

enjoying a cup of coffee in my newest mug (10:30)
a visit to the eye doctor (4:30) i sooo want a pair of tiffany and co frames (not the ones in the poster)
as the day began with tending to sophie, the last photo is of her-she was trying to catch her ice cube as it was tumbling down the steps. that was my monday- how was yours.


Mary said...

the iphone is so great for stuff like this, isn't it?! I think your monday was a lot more interesting than mine. but I did get in a walk at the park, bible study and MAJOR housecleaning before my 6pm class....

Beth said...

I really like this way of posting! I may borrow that soon if you don't mind.