Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 favorite soups

this week's 10 on Tuesday is a list of one of my favorite "foods" in general, and my family really likes soup.

1. chicken noodle soup-with big chunks of carrot and celery (kept crunchy)

2. white chicken chili-lots of chicken and hearty broth.

3. kielbasa, spinach, white bean and tortelini-love that i can make this with turkey kielbasa and all the other stuff is healthy and good for you.

4. andrew's egg drop soup (photo above)-just a bit of egg and lots of broth and veggies. if i was making it i'd add a handful of spinach as well.

5. gumbo-yes please-found a super easy and tasty recipe in a southern living magazine last year.

6. zuppa de pesce-really any seafood added to a flavorful tomato base is a winner for me.

7. split pea soup-suprisingly everyone in our house loves this AND it's so easy to make.

8. wild rice and mushroom-i have a recipe from a cooks illustrated magazine which i LOVE, i substitute the bacon with just a bit of proscuitto, and nix the cream.

9. vegetable soup-tomato based with lots of carrots, corn, etc and sometimes beans added for some protein and fiber.

10. french onion soup-have started serving this with gruyere cheese "toasts" rather than adding the bread and cheese to the soup.

one of the great things about soups is that once you have the broth, you can add whatever you might have in the fridge or pantry. a great way to use up leftovers.


Mary said...

a great list with plenty of the variety that I LOVE about soup! vegetables, protein, cheese, other savories!.... and I'd love that wild rice & mushroom recipe!

Beth said...

Loved reading your list - several soups I haven't had! Can you share the kielbasa, spinach, white bean and tortellini soup recipe?