Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 things to do if it's too cold outside.

view from porch by lifeandyarn
around here it's usually not too cold to go outside-we may be under several inches of ice making it impossible to go anywhere, so in case that happens here's what i'd do-of course i'll dove tail on mary's list-i'd do all 10 on her list provided we have power, and i'd only do laundry if i had nothing else left, and i'd definitely be wearing my loung-y clothes. so in addition i'd-
1. read
2. sew
3. take photos of the outside
4. entertain sophie
5. puruse pinterest
6. test the durability and value of my hunter boots
7. clean the house (if it's close to my usual house cleaning day)
8. tidy, organize and purge stuff
9. plan meals
10. bake bread

of course, i'd love to just spend the time knitting and watching tv, but unless we get another snow-cropolos i don't think it's going to be too cold to go outside this year-especially with the off and on warm weather we've had lately.


Beth said...

Good list!

Mary said...

I like your mix of rest and industry. and I love the idea of baking bread!