Friday, February 24, 2012

friday focus: week 8 FOs

i'm real excited about this week's focus-FINISHED OBJECTS!!!! first up-be my valentine socks-i can't believe how fast these knit up-love them, even kitchnered the toes without instructions. ends woven-in-just need to block.

next-crocus-i ran out of yarn for the edge, and decided to get crazy and use some left over liberty wool for the last 3 rows and the cast off- i think it did okay-again, the ends are woven-in, so just need to block-yea!

purple passion-aka moch cardi- like the fit, but might do something different with the closure, and will definitely take better photos. you can't really go wrong with merino and cashmere.

i'm glad i've got these projects finished, cause i have a serious case of startitus.  so hopefully i'll be able to swatch this weekend.  the rose quartz by swan island will be for current by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  the taupe yarn cascade 220 tweed, will be graham also by Cecily.  finally the green will be overdyed (this weekend i hope) to a spruce for the new york cardigan for erin harper.  yarn for summer flies is wound and waiting too. 

so what are you FOCUSING on right now?


Mary said...

you're on fire! the end of crocus looks great - can't tell that you ran out of yarn at all! and the sweater, wow! cecily needs to sign you for modeling, or test knitting (or both!)

right now I'm focused on finishing up a few projects (cowl #3 in the cowl KAL, winnowing and the ella coat) so I can start some new ones (traveling socks for my lace class? rill scarf and cowl #5)...and catching up on what I let drop last weekend.


Jenny said...

Oh, wow.....I am fairly new at blogging, and it looks like you have it down pat! I love yours!!

The sweater is lovely...very delicate. I know how to knit and so forth, but I love to draw lace and various textiles. So, along with trying to get my kids book published, I am focusing on getting some art projects finished and some illustrations done for my book.

I would love it if you visited mine!
Take care,

blogcommenting said...

great pics and nice desing

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