Friday, March 9, 2012

friday focus: week 10-tomorrow today and a chat

do to a change in mom's PT, i have another friday off from work. so of course, me being me, i took advantage of doing my "normal" saturday stuff today, so that tomorrow, i can get caught up on some of those things i keep pushing aside, like my daily december, re-blocking my beret, etc. so now all laundry is done and put away, beds changes, all groceries bought, and photos off camera and phone-ready to upload.

sophie and i went on our walk through the trails at a different park, i knew it was going to be muddy since we got a lot of rain overnight, so this was the perfect time to test my hunter rain boots-fun! i got in the creek with sophie. i'm not sure they're the best thing for my ankle, but it was nice not getting my walking shoes all mucked up-these boots are really comfortable, warm, and i think worth the price. i want to add a "fun" color to my rainboot wardrobe (someday!).
while walking sophie, i had a chance to chat with our mail lady, cindy. she's been delivering our mail since we moved to acworth 21 years ago!  even when we moved we managed to stay on her route.  she's been out with a work injury, and we had thought she'd already retired-she's been doing this for 35 years.  she's watched pj and andrew grow up, and she got to meet our latest addition.  she is someone who always has a smile on her face and always asks about the family.  when the pj was born and we were staying in our basement due to our circumstances, she'd bring the packages and mail to our door that was at street level.  when mom had her knee replacement cindy did the same thing with our mail cause she knew it would be easier for her.  such an awesome lady-it was so nice having a chance to do more than just wave to someone who has been a constant part of  our lives-i'm thinking she's going to get a cowl or scarf to go with the fingerless mitts i made a few years ago-here's hoping for a very productive saturday.

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