Wednesday, March 14, 2012

sophie gets a hair cut

here's sophie's "before" photo-i didn't realize how "scruffy" she looked UNTIL  . . .
she came home! aww! she got what's called a mini-grooming to get her used to the grooming process, next time we're having her nose shaved a bit more, i don't quite like this look, but with sweet eyes like that how can you resist?
and she got bows! once steve gets to see them i'll take them out-she's not too keen on them. AND she was all perfumed up (a bit too much, but she's so soft and fluffy)!

next up for sophie is a road trip to statesboro to stay with pj and andrew while steve and i visit his parents. when we get back from that we're having her fixed and chipped-good times!


Mary said...

what a difference! and those pink bows are too cute! hope she does ok in the all-boy world. maybe she'll teach them a few things, huh?

Revocamen said...

nice dog :)
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