Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 favorite things to do at the beach

1. watching the sun set
2. watching the sun rise
3. and like beth said, feeling a bit closer to God, and amazed at the vastness of the earth He created.
4. drinking summer-y type cocktails like jalapeno cucumber margaritas.
5. knitting- provided it's something small and washable.
6. digging my feet into the sand until i get to the cold part
7. taking photos
8. watching dolphins and other ocean life
9. sharing this experience with friends and loved ones
10. getting absorbed into a really good book.

something i'd love to do, but haven't yet is to have a cook out on the beach something like ina would do.


Mary said...

girlfriend, we need to go next year!! our lists are nearly identical, except for the cooking part. something tells me ina makes it look easy, but we'd be eating sand!

Beth said...

Laughing at Mary's comment about eating sand!

The margarita sounds very interesting. And digging your feet into the sand to get to the cold part made me smile!