Monday, August 27, 2012

going from bad to worse and a slight improvement.

no photo for this blog post cause i have NO camera and NO phone!!! (eta at 8:28 the surveillance video)

so in a nutshell, please indulge me in this small pity party,

friday afternoon-discover that someone had brushed against the side of my car :-(
    - get caught in a down pour while cycling back to said car :-(
    - disocver my LIFE, i mean my IPHONE got wet enough to short out :-(
    - andrew had pizza ready when i got home, and steve had margaritas ready :-)
saturday morning/evening- awesome bike ride and a fairly good game of bowling :-)
sunday afternoon/evening- still no life on the iphone :-(
    - remember that i do have my OLD iphone i can use :-)
    - nuclear fall out of epic proportion which i won't share, but TRUST me :-)
    - am at the yoke portion of my gnarled oak cardigan :-)
monday morning- my work computer had cardiac arrest and couldn't be resuscitated for 1.1/2 hours :-(
    - am alerted by a co-worker that it was indeed another co-work who brushed up against my                  
                         car and I DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING :-(
    - computer back up and running :-)
    - initiate investigation and apprehend the culprit :-(
 monday evening - stop by a local collision place and get "damage" buffed out (still need a follow up appt to complete),  total damage $56, better than the $522 estimate i got earlier in the day :-)-for the coworker)
                       big :-) for me cause i won't have to use a rental for 2 days and play musical cars.

no if one more thing happens i might not be using the :-) or the :-( but something more extreme. for now i think i'll go get a handful of peanut m&ms :-)


Mary said...

awww.... I'm sure things are going to look up! (did you try putting your phone into rice? I've heard it really does work to suck up the water)

Beth said...

That sounds like an awful day. I hope they have all been better since then!!!