Friday, August 10, 2012

going for gold.

i've officially crossed the finish line for the ravellenic games! i just need to do all the official documentation on my ravelry projects page. so i believe my calculations are correct according to my spreadsheet ( i do love excel).
so project #1- the gnarled oak cardigan, i've completed the body, and am ready to knit the sleeves which are worked in with the yoke-i ADORE the madelinetosh dk in french gray.  of course, in order to maintain the correct gauge for 13.5" of stockinette, i succeeded in injuring my left forearm.  i sorta knew this was going to happen, so that's why i got this to the required % complete first.
next up is the bousta beret in rowan felted tweed-robin's egg blue, love this color.  i knit coraline in it and had one ball left over, and purchased a second to make a hat, but now i think i'll probably do another hat, so that i can continue with my de-stashing. this project has been real easy-i'll continue with this over the weekend, and am thinking i'll knit this in a color best suited for maryline as a christmas gift.
project #3, victorian cowl in liberty wool-i had almost 3 skeins of this left over from my dark and stormy sweater, it is so soft and lovely.  this pattern was also pretty easy (noticing a pattern?)
project #4-aran necklace camisole-left over elsebeth lavold-hempathy-LOVE this project, has very interesting construction, am well into the body, so it's more stockinette (in the round at least) and then this will be done-done.
finally, project #5 is the sand and sea shawlette in spud and chloe fine-LOVE LOVE, this yarn is awesome, i'm thinking there might be something in landing that will work with this yarn, if not i'm sure there is a pattern out there.
it feels good to set a knitting challenge, and meet it.  3 projects are from what i'd call stash yarn, the gnarled oak cardigan and sand and sea shawlette is knit with yarn that i recently purchased, but with these projects specifically in mind. now the final challenge will be to correctly label and tag, and prove  that i finished on the various ravelry forums.


Mary said...

that was a LOT of knitting - congratulations!! for the spud&chloe, from Landing, I think River Crossing, Dulce and Skate should work.

Beth said...

I was thinking just what Mary thought - that's a lot of knitting! Love your projects!