Sunday, August 12, 2012

it begins tomorrow

AGAIN, taking inspiration from mary i thought it would be fun to come up with a list of 45 things to do before i turn 45. also a big thank you to mary for designing my "logo" above.  so here's my list, in no particular order of importance, i approaching this list as a way to see some things i'd really like to accomplish, some things i NEED to really do.  i'm sure there will be a few things that will get scratched, and there may be some changes throughout the year, and that's OKAY! so here ya' go.

1  1. Read all the books currently on my nightstand and piano bench
2  2. Establish a Thursday night knitting routine
3  3. Commit to at least 2 long rides each week (15+ miles each)
4  4. Try 12 new restaurants
5  5. Make 12 items  to give away (knitting, sewing or baking)
6  6. Get a bone density test
7  7. Ride the full length of the Silver Comet Trail
8  8. Lean how to repair a bike tire
9    9. Take a cycling accident avoidance class
1 10. Learn French well enough o write a letter or hold a simple conversation
1 11.   Join a cycling group
1 12.   Teach Sophie 2 new tricks
1 13.   Participate in a charity cycling event
1 14.   Find a volunteer opportunity that is “Me”
1 15.   Learn the rules of football
1 16.   Play a round of golf
1 17.   Take a fencing lesson
1 18.   Bake croissants
1 19.   Bake pretzels
2 20.   Visit 2 new cities
221.   Learn the long tail cast on
222.   Deplete stashed yarn (fingering and lace weight are exempt)
223.   Commit to only buying sweater yarn when I’m ready to cast on
224.   Get a role as an extra (movie or tv show)
225.   Get completely caught up on my photo projects
226.   Drink more herbal tea
227.   Commit to taking a daily calcium supplement
228.   Try 2 new fruits and 2 new vegetables
229.   Make ravioli
330.   Have a “real” vegetable and herb garden
331.   Maintain designated areas of the yard with seasonal plants
332.   Make caramels
333.   Drink coffee black for 1 week
334.   Do a blog post twice a week, even if it’s just a picture
335.   Clear out all drawers in my desk of “junk”-seriously de-clutter
336.   Try 2 new recipes per month
337.   Make a cheese souffle
338.   Read the local paper once a week
339.   Learn to journal
440.   Keep my plate clean and commitments minimal
441.   Visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
442.   Visit a winery
443.   Establish a once a month “dinner date” with Steve
444.   Get involved in the Roswell Historical Society
445.   Teach someone else to knit


Mary said...

sign me up to teach you the longtail cast-on! love all the bike-related things...looks like it's going to be a GREAT year!!

Beth said...

May I volunteer to help, too? Since Mary got longtail cast-on, I'll volunteer to try out a new restaurant and go to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with you (if you want). Can you believe I've never been there?!