Monday, August 20, 2012

recipes 1 of 24

tonight we had ina's herbed baked eggs with buttered toast-they were A-mazing! i really like eggs, and i had quite a few on hand from my co-worker who keeps chickens.  this recipe was super easy, VERY flavorful, and delicious. this will be on our table again at some point.  you really can't go wrong with ina's recipes and i have a feeling that most of my 24 recipes for my 45 for 45 quest will come from her cookbooks. one substitution i did make was to use dried parsley and tarragon instead of the rosemary and thyme only because i was too lazy to go outside to cut the herbs and i wasn't sure i'd like rosemary on eggs.


Mary said...

you're off to a great start with the recipes - so glad the first one's a winner!!

Beth said...

You have a co-worker who keeps chickens and shares? Lucky!!!