Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saturday cycling

a butterfly landed on steve's bike
coot's lake
really cool rock walls and steve and his bike
 8.4 Silver Comet Trail  tunnel by lifeandyarn
8.4 Silver Comet Trail tunnel, a photo by lifeandyarn on Flickr.
saturday was another ride on the silver comet trail, this time we put in at the rambo nursery completing 23 miles.  we encountered a snake on the way back (yikes-peddle FASTER!!), steve and i both enjoyed this path, but there are long stretches where you do not encounter other cyclists, and there's lots of woods, so it's not some place i'll bike alone. sunday was another bike ride, not as long, but we took a different trail just off the sct, and enjoyed exploring a bit.  we kept an eye out for unwanted "nature", and only saw a few squirrels.  i did manage to crash into some shrubbery, just a couple scrapes on my legs, and no harm to the bike or shrubbery!   i hope to ride the trail on wednesday after work, and at lunch time the rest of the week. so much going on, with school starting for andrew, and getting pj moved back to college the first of next week.

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Beth said...

Yes, biking alone is not good.