Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Favorite Sunday Dinners

caprese sandwiches by lifeandyarn
caprese sandwiches, a photo by lifeandyarn on Flickr.
this is a little tougher, i don't typically make a big "ta-do" about what we're having for sunday dinner, but here are some general things i like to fix. we have a "biggish" meal after church, and then dinner is leftovers, tacos, salads, etc.  it's eat when and what you want, unorganized, not formal, and  most often it's while watching tv.  this is real important when football season starts.
1. i like it to be something i can make the day before, or at least do the chopping, measuring, and other prep work so that the afternoon isn't spent cooking AND cleaning up.
2. sandwiches are a favorite at my house anytime-we love cubans, caprese, french dips, etc.
3. one dish dinners-lasagna, or other baked pasta, chicken and rice, etc usually fit this bill.  i don't make a lot of traditional casseroles as i don't want to use a lot of canned creamed soups and cheese.  also, my family really only likes a couple casseroles.
4. roasted chicken-often have plenty of leftovers for another meal-i almost always try to stretch our sunday dinner either into a lighter dinner that night or another meal in the week.
5. soups-ALWAYS a winner in my house especially soups like gumbo and chicken noodle.
6. broiled salmon or other fish-nice to let it marinade while at we're at church-easy to cook in the oven.
7. brunch-y type foods-LOVE having brunch after church- strata, frittata, baked eggs, cheese grits, etc.
8. risotto-i like to add different things that sorta make it a one-dish meal-chicken, shrimp, veggies, etc.
9. fried chicken from publix-if my boys had it their way we'd have this a couple times a week.  i consider it an occasional treat, and publix does a fine job, and my kitchen stays clean.
10. heavy hors 'doeuvres-love having snacks as a meal, and also easy to do ahead.

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Mary said...

that caprese sandwich looks delicious! love a sunday dinner that provides a other meals during the week. soup and casseroles are heavy favorites that way.