Wednesday, September 12, 2012

meatless mondays and beans.

since steve has joined a monday night bowling league and andrew has a class that evening, i'm using mondays as a day to either go meatless or try out some egg dishes.  this week i tried this recipe.  i made a couple modifications-i roasted the tomatoes and garlic the day before, and on monday i heated up the beans (undrained) along with the tomatoes and garlic and let it reduce a bit so that the pasta had a little sauce.  also, i used rigatoni instead of penne.  i love beans, and this was a great way to incorporate a high fiber, low fat protein into a meal.  i'm definitely going to make this again, and it could be accompanied with italian sausage, or roasted chicken if you're trying to satisfy the meat eaters in your family.
on tuesday, i did a little change up with the tomato soup that we had.  once i'd cooked the soup, i added a can of cannelini beans, and pureed the whole thing in a blender, the beans added some protein and gave it a creamy texture without adding dairy.  as chance would have it, i had a rind of parmesan cheese handy and threw that in as well, ina would be so proud!

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Mary said...

ok. you eat way better than I do. I think I need you to be coaching me! bright colors. texture. and plenty of good taste. I'm hooked!!