Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 things on my mind right now.

1. the election-i voted early and am VERY glad i did.
2. how to keep warm while i'm cycling this winter, am looking at this and this.
3. am wanting to go to new york/new jersy to help those who have lost so much-having been thinking what their thanksgiving day is going to be like.
4. looking forward to yummy stuff for thanksgiving and other get togethers (while also keeping #3 in perspective).
5. am finding it hard to believe that i only have ONE project on the needles. have given up on the lacy cardi, and i'm donating all my leftover cotton. i had 3 items that i was going to frog, but i'm not even going to bother with that.
6. feeling overwhelmed by thinking about what projects i do want to start, simple single skein projects until after christmas? am going to get yarn at cast on cottage for this on dec. 2, and i need buttons for my graham cardigan. i plan to get some mad-tosh for the chandail, love that yarn!
7. i really need to de-clutter and purge-but wonder when's the best time to do this and what really needs to go?
8. will this be the year the falcons go all the way to the super bowl?
9. 2013 in general-what changes i'd like to make.
10. lunch-my tummy's growling!

1 comment:

Mary said...

oh my - just a sock??!!! love the chandail and the honest stream of consciousness of your list (re: the cleaning out - suggest you either come up with a goal to guide you or simply tackle one room at a time - good luck!)