Friday, November 16, 2012

2 things to share.

although i don't write letters as often as i should i think i found inspiration at this shop. having a scout mob coupon didn't hurt either.  i'll definitely be going back.

also this app, i had this on my i-phone4s, and now that i'm able to use steve's old iphone, i've added back this app. our IT guy at work got me hooked on this. if you are somewhere and you hear a song you want to remember, or just to see the title/artist, etc. it'll tell you! you can see the lyrics as they are being sung, and it stores them.  i've heard many in stores or the car, and i usually have to fumble for a pen and paper so i can search for it on i-tunes, well no more.  2 things i'm in love with right now and wanted to share.

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Mary said...

I love the notes and napkins ... Assume from paces paper. Maybe they'll open up an Alpharetta location?!