Thursday, November 15, 2012

morning regime.

-metro cream to counter the effects of using retin-a at night
-sunblock with spf 100+ and helioplex- mandated by my recent semi annual visit to the dermatologist who was NOT please with the continued sun damage that is showing on my nose.
-cetaphil moisturizer for the neck (gotta stop those signs of aging)
-amlactin-alpha-hydroxy lotion recommended by the derm. to help with dry skin on the legs (don't apply right after shaving-ouch, ouch, the burn).
-volumnizing shampoo- really who am i kidding, my hair is straight, flat and body-less-i'm really trying to embrace this idea.

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Mary said...

you are a brave one to share... not sure I could! but you're doing great and you're beautiful!