Monday, November 12, 2012

right now i'm.

~reading blogs
~on my 3rd cup of coffee
contemplating what time to leave for my bike ride (hoping for 7:45 departure and 30 miles)
~enjoying a day off-still up at my normal time, so that means EVERYONE (including sophie) are still sleeping
~looking forward to Brenda and Kathy coming over after lunch for some sewing
~using Steve's computer cause my laptop needs to be sent in for a repair to the mouse key
~wondering if I should get Hannah Fetig's newest book-SO cute!
~trying to get used to windows 8 (on Steve's computer)
~need to upload more photos to flickr-wonder if I have time before I leave?
~i'm trying NOT to give into the urge to dust the basement RIGHT now, but hopefully can squeeze it in later
~am very thankful to all of our veterans, and those who continue to serve our country

happy Monday y'all!

1 comment:

Mary said...

hope the rain didn't spoil your biking plans... and hannah's new book is adorable!