Friday, November 30, 2012

friday flashback. plans.

maybe this should be titled the post of randomness. i love when friday ends on the last day of the month. i feel like i can come in on monday and it's like a clean slate. the last couple weeks have been pretty busy, but filled with lots of fun, laughter, and food (always!)  mary's birthday cocktail party, a party at CoC, lunch with polly and roy, thanksgiving dinner, the annual GAME, and brunch.  since i'm taking a few days off at the beginning of next week, my "monday" will not be on "thursday" and a short week-yea!.  of course, i have a list of the things i want to get done, and i'm really hoping i'm successful.  some things i'm thinking about-
~i'm about 10 rows from binding off my deephaven cowl and then i'm down to just one project on the needles, a pair of socks. that's not to say i don't have many ideas about what i want to knit next, and i'm planning to visit cast on cottage on sunday for final purchases.  i'm loving having no lingering projects as the year comes to a close. i will probably cast on a sweater in december, but that's still considered a "fresh" project.  also, my boss has some travel days coming up so you know . . .
~i'm excited about daily december, i've done my own in the past, but this year i've signed up for studio calico's class, and a few others that were free just so i'd have more ideas/prompts for this project
~i'm taking a very different approach to Christmas this year for a variety of reasons which i won't share here, but if you're REALLY interested let's open a bottle of wine and chat!
~i'll be the official keeper of the advent calendars next year, it's usually andrew's job, but since he'll be at school the first part of december so it'll fall to me.  there are a lot of things that i've come to depend upon andrew for, so it's going to take some getting used to not having him home.
~i'm enjoying using my very old i-phone as a my music box at my desk, loaded up the Christmas music and have had it playing all morning.
~i've officially reached me mental and financial limit on giving money to collision shops and mechanics. really can we go just a couple months without this nonsense-?!
~am thrilled that i've gotten 90% of my shopping done thanks to amazon.  just a few things and stocking stuffers left to get.
~looking forward to baking cookies for my gift baskets this weekend.
~ i'm also looking forward to wrapping up stuff at work for 2012, organizing electronic files, our Christmas lunch (the only day i get to be really in charge and order people around), final executive board meeting, final reports etc. i love working with a neat and tidy desk.
~i'm anxious to get my Christmas cards in the mail, the international ones went yesterday along with college student care packages.  i'm dropping the rest off tomorrow, cause i want them post marked Dec. 1. i'm sending a ton of cards this year cause i didn't send but a few last year, and i have a lot of cards that i wanted to use up rather than throw out.  one of my goals for next year is to use up my yarn, paper, and fabric.  not in a wasteful way, but i really need to put these things to use.
wow that's a lot stuff! hope to do a couple 2012 wrap up posts next month, so we'll see if that happens. what sorta randomness is going on with you?

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Mary said...

I'm excited you're doing december daily this year...and hope your LONG weekend puts you in the Christmas spirit. happy weekend!!