Tuesday, December 4, 2012

doing some good.

one of my things for project 45 for 45 is to do regular journaling.  i found this blog which has helped trememdously with ideas and prompts.  the post about sending love letters caught my eye. something new for Christmas this year which i've already said is going to be very different for me.  i have my first letter written to a woman named emily who lost everything she owned in an apartment fire and her 2 kittens are also missing.  emily is described as a self-less individual who goes out of her way to brighten everyone elses day.  i'm hoping my few words of encouragement will help in some way during this time of tremendous loss and discouragement.

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Mary said...

what a wonderful project - and yay you for joining in! getting real mail is always a treat. especially when it's unexpected! (and thanks for the journaling link - good stuff!)