Monday, January 7, 2013

getting things done.

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i've gotten a lot of things done in the last 3 1/2 days, but then i think about the things i still want to do, and begin to wonder if i'll mark everything off my list.  i have been de-cluttering and re-organizing things since i got home from work on friday.  i decided to file my completed projects patterns in a file drawer rather than in a notebook, cause as you can guess, a notebook fills up very quickly.  the pile in the photo represents completed project for 2012, and i'm very proud of what i completed.  also, i just finished weaving in the ends of chandail, so my needles are empty AGAIN!  i've downloaded some mitten patterns to cast on next, and i plan to buy yarn for the featherweight cardigan on friday.  andrew and i took a tahoe load of stuff to goodwill, and i have a smallish box that is going to a charity shop near my office.  it feels REALLY good to get this stuff out of the house.  i know i will continue to re-organize and sort stuff through out the year, but at least i've gotten ride of the stuff i no longer need or want.  all the christmas decorations are down and put away (except for the tree, that's steve's job). closets and cabinets have been de-cluttered, and i watched the season premiere of downton abbey (it's going to be an awesome season!).  mom and i went for our eye appointments, and i have some really sharp specs on order-yea! haven't bought glasses in well over 10 years. sophie spent the day at doggie day care-and now she is passed out next to me. should really try to get more things done while she's not wanting any attention.  she and i have had a couple nice walks as it's been way too cold to go for a bike ride.  today was perfect, but there was just too much to do while she was gone, so tomorrow i plan to get a nice long ride in.  other things i'd like to get completed before i go back to work next week: organize digital downloads on my pc-get caught up on breaking bad-put my daily december scrapbook together-complete week 1 of project life-get my sewing table re-organized-hand photos and artwork. there are still things i want to learn about my i-pad and phone, and other tech-y tips and tricks.  perhaps i'll have a chance to check back in on what else got done on my staycation. i still can't believe it's 2013, the holidays are over and schedules are getting back to normal?! weird.

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Beth said...

Congratulations on getting do much done!