Tuesday, January 29, 2013

dialogue of a 17 year old chef.

i'm not a super big fan of facebook, but i couldn't help, but smile at this posting by andrew.  the chicken was really, really good. i'm gonna miss him when he goes to school in the fall. (i'm sorry about the formatting.)

Andrew Sheffield:  for a roasted chicken recipe, i had to put the chicken in a 500 degree oven for 15 minutes. it was a very stressful 15 minutes!
Marie Richardson to get it brown and crispy, my dear!
Andrew Sheffield i know, but i didnt want it to burn
  • marie Richardson i bet it came out perfect!
  • Marie Richardson the more you cook, the bolder you get!
  • Andrew Sheffield its still in the oven, at 425, i just cant deal with this nonsense!
  • Adam Zeller Hey but that fried chicken was pretty legit
  • Andrew Sheffield it was, im glad i didnt have to fabricate this chicken!
  • Adam Zeller That crap sucked....
  • Andrew Sheffield indeed, the should be the last of it. i think tomorrow will be southwest, so that should be simple and delicious.

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