Sunday, January 27, 2013

PL weeks 3 & 4

i wasn't quite sure how these weeks were going to come together, but i'm pretty happy with the results. here's the first page of week 3, i love that some weeks are going to have more than others, but i'm more on the look out for stuff i can include.  it really is a project that can come together however you want it to.  i have a feeling that the last few pages are going to be very different from these.

a variety of things included to represent week 3, wine bottle labels from knitting with mary and karen, and from quilt club-thanks to mary for showing me how to remove labels.  bowling stats, and a ticket from the falcons game (both games are included) along with a few photos from the week.

i managed to get week 4 into one side of a protector, not sure if i really like the variety pack of page protectors i got, so when i need to re-order i'll decide which i prefer, but for now, i'll use what i have.  the long strip on the edge are quotes from the recent episode of downton abbey, and one from les miserable that i was reminded of during the week. 
so far, so good!

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Mary said...

boy you are rocking project life for sure! glad you're keeping up ... and enjoying it. I've got TWO weeks to do this week. yep, already a week behind and it's january still :-)