Wednesday, January 16, 2013


one of the great things about january is that there is so much "new".  for lack of a better blog post title, here's some "new" i'm enjoying right now.
a new sweater, chandrail in fig (madeline tosh)-totally LOVE this sweater.
new glasses-a total splurge, i've worn glasses/contacts for almost 25 years, and i think this is the first time i really LOVE my glasses (and they're purple!!!!)
new prescription, but no need for bi-focals-yet!
also enjoying a new bottle of wine, Christmas gift from a co-worker Kiara cabernet sauvignon-sylvester vineyards paso robles (california). enjoyed the zifandel the other night, and both are quite good.

i'm looking forward to a packed weekend of quilt club, bowling (not so much really), knitting with mary and karen, the falcons game on sunday, and then shooting (or at least mexican) on monday. what's new with you?

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Mary said...

:-) wine and knitting and seeing all of it. the best of times for sure!