Monday, September 30, 2013

better stats than the atlanta falcons.

i use a cycling program called strava to keep up with my riding stats.  since i've been riding for just over a year i was curious to see where i stood. the first photo is from 2012 august to december.

 here's 2013s year to date, i couldn't get a full shot, but september shows 78 additional miles, so a total of 1,031 for 2013, and all together 2,541.  according to google maps it's 2,354 miles from georgia to california, so i have some miles to spare :-).
this also doesn't count the hours i've spent on my trainer which i've had since january. i really enjoy riding especially on my new bike. perhaps when i win the lottery i can justify getting one of these
a colnago-ferrari only $12,000 (this one at the ferrari/maseratti dealership was on sale for $10,000) where do people get the money for these things--goodness.  like the blog title suggests i think my riding stats are far better than the atlanta falcons current win rate 1-3?!

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Mary said...

woo hoo! congrats on all those miles...what's your next goal? (alaska ?!)