Tuesday, October 15, 2013

family time.

this week's 10 on Tueday prompt 10 things you did this weekend is a no brainer.  this weekend we gathered at callaway gardens to celebrate my mother in law's 75th birthday.  the weather was gorgeous and we had a grand time (as usual).  there were lots of pictures taken, but here's a couple and the list.

 10. celebrated with a fruit pizza, candles and fun gifts.

9. played games-quiddler and zilch are the one's i enjoy cause i can still knit while playing!
8. power walks with mary.
7. ate some really good food.
6. drank some really good wine.
5. did a lot of knitting.
4. watched sophie on the web cam at happy trails pet center.
3. did some reading.
2. watched some football.
1. had some wonderful conversations with my favorite people.

1 comment:

Mary said...

it was a wonderful weekend! I still need to get my photos off my camera!