Tuesday, October 22, 2013

good eats.

This week's 10 on Tuesday prompt is a cool one. My food taste have changed ALOT since my childhood and early adulthood thanks to the influences of Mary, Karen and Polly.  When I was a kid I don't remember eating a lot of fresh fruit, and the veggies were usually cooked to death in that true southern way, and the meat was almost always battered and fried, or it was cooked in a crockpot or electric skillet.  We ate a lot of casseroles complete with canned creamed soup and topped with cheese. My concept of Italian food was pizza and spaghetti and Mexican nothing more than tacos and refried beans.  The above photo is from a recent family lunch at Fusco's.  This simple plate has a lot of stuff on it that I would have never eaten in my younger days.  This list is in no particular order of fondness cause i love it ALL.

10. proscuitto
 9.  marinated vegetables (including asparagus!) and caponata
 8. fresh baked bread-i know mind boggling-unless you count fresh made biscuits and cornbread
 7. fresh mozzarella
 6. calamari- fried or grilled (still can't eat the grilled tentacles-squooshi)
 5. fresh carrots-peppers-celery-naked and raw
 4. hummus
 3. poached eggs
 2. greek styled yogart
 1. risotto

this was a fun prompt to think about, maybe there will be one of some of the weirdest foods you've ever eaten!

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Mary said...

We had a pretty adventurous kitchen growing up...but now there is just so much more available. It really has changed the way we eat (mostly for the better, I think). ...sadly, I still don't like eggs, I keep trying though!