Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving yumminess.

This week's 10 on Tuesday makes me realize how close Thanksgiving really is, and then Christmas and the new year . . . goodness, so my 10 favorite sides are

10.  Cranberry chutney-have found a easy recipe that I love so it's on the table every year
  9.  Roasted root veggies (carrots, potatoes, etc.)
  8.  Brussels Sprouts (my Mom and I are the only one's who eat them, but we love them)
  7.  Green beans (I like them plain everyone else likes the casserole, so often we have both)
  6.  Mashed potatoes (another thing everyone else eats, but I normally don't)
  5.  Rolls (loved them fresh baked, but often there is not enough time to make this happen)
  4.  Apples (like a chunky applesauce)
  3.  Succotash (we don't have this every year, but it is a dish I enjoy)
  2.  Gravy (I guess to go with #6?)
  1.  Stuffing (may absolute favorite, and I like it if it has a bit of crunch to it)

Looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, even though most likely PJ won't be there to eat with us.  It will seem a bit odd, but I guess I'd better get used to it, right?  He has promised that he won't spend the day alone eating cold pizza or something else like that.

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Mary said...

so much good food! (the first year Katie wasn't with us, we skyped and that helped a lot...but not with the leftovers :-)