Wednesday, January 29, 2014

snowjam 2014

it sorta started on saturday when the boys were home, and they were talking about the snow that statesboro was expecting this week.  this should have been my first clue that something wasn't quite right-snow up to 3" south of Atlanta, and just a "dusting" in my area. uh-yea that doesn't NORMALLY happen.  so at work on Monday, I was keeping a close eye on the weather channel, and yes, it did look like it was going to be south of Atlanta.  Our plan at work was, use common sense, if you experience foul weather in your area don't come in, pretty simple.  Tuesday morning, easy ride in, and the news was still showing on the weather radar that the snow was maintaining it's existing path UNTIL about 11:00-snow coming down pretty steady at home, but not in Atlanta, by 12:30 when I'd left the office it was really coming down, and continued for about 3 more hours.  Everyone on the road was going doing a good job of going slow and keeping a safe distance between cars, it was just very slow going.  I was doing great with my driving until I took the exit closest to my house.  I got stuck twice at the traffic light while I was sliding and trying to turn left.  I got Steve on the phone to help guide me, cause in my 30 years of driving, I've never had to drive in the snow.  I finally made the left turn and then started going sideways in the lane towards the next intersection, and I just decided it wasn't worth trying to get the rest of the way home, which was only about 5/6 miles.  Fortunately, there was a McDonald's right there, so I pulled into the back of the parking lot, and made plans to settle down for a little while to wait for Steve to come pick me up.  Now I have to back up a little bit, when I left the office I had a brief debate about whether or not to bring my whole work out bag or just an extra pair of leggings and a polar fleece jacket.  I decided to take it all so I'd have extra layers plus shoes just in case I had to leave my car along the way.  I also packed a cliff bar, a Fresca, carrots and a jar of peanut butter.  I had my personal phone and a fully charged work phone.  I also had plenty of knitting to keep me occupied in the event that I was there for a while.  When I got to McDonald's I ordered a coffee, and a small snack.  As luck would have it I ran into an old neighbor who is a deputy sheriff, and he offered to drive me closer to home.  Our old neighborhood is only about 2 miles from where we now live, so I touched base with Steve to let him know what the plans were which allowed for him to stay at home and clear the driveway, and take Sophie outside if she needed to go.  This was a very fortuante encounter as a) Allen is trained to drive in hazardous conditions  b) he was in a truck with front wheel drive and c) he had a police radio with him, so I know if we had any problems it would be easy to get help.  He also had an iphone charger, so I could recharge my phone.  It's really the little things that can make a huge difference.  It also took us 4 hours to get the rest of the way.  I honestly could have walked it in less time.  Finally made it home safely and without incidence.  I realize after hearing other's stories about their travel home, or their inability to get home, how very blessed and fortunate I was to get as far as I did, and for running into Allen.  God was definitely looking out for me, my friends and family members.  I am also grateful to have a warm house to come home to and electricity.  I can honestly say I'd be totally okay if we don't have snow again for a very long while.  Here are some photos.
Not quite onto the interstate
Somewhere along 75 near Windy Hill
 Somewhere between Chastain Road and exit 277
 Car abandoned and is staying put-for a while
 This mornings walk around the neighborhood
 Portion of our yard-this morning.
Okay snow, you can go away now!

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Mary said...

you did great! so glad you made it home safe and sound...hope you get your car soon!