Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014-the year of the pullover.

and maybe one vest.  I am on the 2nd sleeve of my Cora pullover, and when I tried it on last week, I was very pleased with the fit.  I think I'm officially hooked on pullovers, and especially with cables. I'm hoping that I'll be finished with all the knitting by Sunday night.  Maybe I'll leave some for while I'm watching Downton Abbey, so that I'm knitting on Cora while watching Cora-hey get it?!

Okay, so between August(ish) and November, I bought this batch of  yarn for sweaters.  Madelinetosh Vintage in twig (top left), Malabrigo Rios in niebla (top right), and juniper (bottom right), and Malabrigo Arroyo in piedras (bottom left).  Not pictured is Madelinetosh Sock in vanilla bean, and I think I have enough to do a sweater or at least a vest.  I'm not hurting for yarn at the moment, as I still have vacation yarn that I bought for socks or other accessories.

I'm hoping to use these yarns for some of the sweaters I've picked from the really awesome book  The Rhinebeck Sweater.   The sweaters I'm looking at are:

artichoke French-not doing the thumb thing-y
Beeckman Tavern-actually i'll be frogging a sweater in the yarn (jo sharp-classic dk) pictured to make this one.


and a vest spring brook.

This book is so inspiring, and there are other patterns I want to knit, but these are definitely up next in my knitting plans.  Aside from my cora pullover, I have one project on the needles polypodium vulgare socks from the Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet Volume 1.  I've only done a few rows, so I'm hoping for more progress on those this week. I frogged the chancery socks, and it looks like I'll be frogging old town as well.  Not only did I mess up the patterning on one side of the front, but when I tried it on to check the fit it was too small in the shoulders-ugh! It was an odd pattern to knit, a lot of put "x" stitches on the needle and then do "x", so not too upset that it's not fitting, but it was a LOT of knitting time.  Now that yarn will get re-purposed into something else.  Hopefully, there will be something in my newest knitting book acquisition Knitbot Yoked.  I'm really looking forward to what I have planned for my 2014 knitting, and I hope to add some hats and mitts to the list as well-so what's on YOUR needles?  I'm of to get swatching-Happy Knitting!

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Mary said...

I'm not making plans about what to knit beyond what I'm working on right now (sweater for Katie) and hat and mittens for myself. Hope that Jo Sharp DK works out for Beekman Tavern since I have a sweater's worth of it too!