Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lemon-y Goodness

Another weekend of trying something new, I still have lemons leftover from the poppy seed cake, and we've using them in cocktails too-yes, there are still lemons leftover.  There was a good bit of cooking, but only one new recipe was tried.  Martha Stewart's Strawberry Jam Tea Cakes from her Cupcakes cookbook-the title to me is misleading as these are cupcakes and I'm an absolute fool when it comes to these things.  When I read tea cakes, I think of the really thin cookies my dad talked about receiving in care packages when he was in the Navy not cake-cakes.  I did over fill the cups because the recipe said it made 16 which was an odd number since my muffin tin is for 12, and I didn't want to do a partial pan-note to self-Martha Stewart is smarter than you, so follow her directions.  These cakes have a lemon glaze instead of frosting.  What's really awesome about them is you can use whatever citrus, or combo of citrus flavors you want cause you're using fresh juice and zest.  They were super moist, and I loved the bit of sweetness from the jam that is cooked inside, that balanced with the tartness from the lemon.  I will definitely make these again (and I won't overfill the tins) and I think they'd be great for Sunday brunch or a wedding/baby shower.

What'cha been cooking?

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