Thursday, March 6, 2014

throwback thursday. college days

Tuesday I had the good fortune of having dinner with some wonderful ladies that I met while doing my student teaching practicals for my education degree at Kennesaw State University. The last 2 semesters of the education program can be pretty grueling, and it's important that you bond with the folks in your cooperative group. We definitely did, there were about 16 of us, and 9 were guys. The four of us, Shannon, Mary, Me and Tina (pictured L-R) spent a lot of time laughing and crying, but we survived. Only 2 of us, Shannon and Tina actually got jobs in the teaching world, but we all agree that we would not have made it to the end without each other. The only thing that's really kept us apart over these last 10-ish years have been our family and job responsibilities. Luckily, we still live nearby, and with our children getting older we hope that we will be able to get together more often.
Here's our photo from dinner, I've reached out to Mary, and hopefully the next get together will include the 4 of us.
so what's happened since last we met?  Shannon has 1 son in college (almost done), a son and daughter in high school, the youngest now being 16.  Same husband, but has moved a couple times, and they are still trying to get settled.  For Tina, same house and husband, and she now has 4 (!) grandchildren-her oldest daughter was expecting her first baby last time I'd seen her.  Her son (out of college) got married this past June, and lives nearby.  Her youngest daughter (trying to find her way) is working in Florida.  Everyone is healthy and doing great, and moving along through life.  I feel so blessed to have a chance to re-connect with these ladies.

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