Tuesday, April 29, 2014

coming home.

 Carole's prompt for 10 on Tuesday-10 good things about coming home.  I don't travel as much as I'd like to, and hope in the near future that'll change.  I enjoy seeing new places and eating good food, so here's my list.

10. This sweet girl-I always get a warm happy welcome [even when I'm just coming home from work].
 9.  My house and my family and friends.
 8.  Familiarity with my surroundings.
 7.  My kitchen and pantry-even though I enjoy eating out, I like to have food on my terms!
 6.  Access to my yarn and knitting tools-I always forget some essential when I travel-never fails.
 5.  My clothes-again, see#6
 4.  My own bed, sheets and towels.
 3.  My daily routine.
 2.  Having memories, and stories to share.
 1.  Photos from the trip to go with #2.


Linda said...

Ahhh, I would miss that sweet face too!

Linda in VA

Donna said...

What a face! Great list.

Mary said...

pretty much my list too -except Holly's face is (just a little bit :-) smaller!