Wednesday, April 2, 2014


my willard pullover is blocked and ready to wear now that our temperatures are expected to be in the 80s. had i tried this on the first time i knit it, i'd have been able to wear it a couple times before storing it away for next year.  will i ever learn-let's hope so.
it is however exactly what i was hoping for in a pullover soft-drapy-warm cozy yarn and a basic design. i plan to do the basic round yoked cardigan in the fall.  the problem i had with this pattern is that i held the contrasting color too tight in the yoke.  i shouldn't have this problem in the basic round yoke since there will not be any contrasting color.  i have 2 more pullovers on the needles that i hope to finish by the end of April, so that they can be blocked in the warm sun and ready for fall wearing.  i plan to experiment with summer-y yarns and breezy drapy patterns next, especially pieces i can wear over a t-shirt-something i haven't done in quite a while. 

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