Thursday, June 26, 2014

wardrobe enhancement and other ramblings.

take a moment to admire my new dress, then I'll explain why I'm excited enough about it to do a blog post.

(upclose and a little blurry)
so here's the thing.  I'm 5'1" and have odd proportions.  I'm basically shaped like a triangle which makes buying clothes, especially dresses, extremely difficult.  Also, if I hear one more comment about how easy it must be to find clothes in my size, or how i'm one of those people [who likes to exercise], or you can eat whatever you want-I'ma gonna scream!  On all points, no, no, no!  About 9 years ago I lost about 15 pounds that made me an unhappy girl for many years, and I have kept that off, and then added another 5 off recently.  So, no I' don't need more meat on my bones, I got small bones anyway.  So, end of that rant.  For my niece Katie's wedding (and other wedding festivities) last year I lucked up on some really cute dresses and tops to add to my work-church-dress up wardrobe.  This helped build my spring/summer wardrobe for those purposes, but limited my resources for casual/ultra-casual wear-also I didn't find what I wanted.  In the fall I knit about 3 pullovers to help with the fall/winter wardrobe [more knitting I need to photograph].  I've made plenty of cardigans, but needed some tops that I didn't have to hunt for something to wear underneath.  Fast forward to this year, early spring I was finally able to add some shoes, another thing that is difficult for me to find for other reasons.  So this spring/summer i was on a mission, I wanted a couple skirts that I could wear on the weekends-after work that were machine washable-casual/comfy, but not too casual.  I also didn't want to spend a lot of money on them, and I didn't want shorts [another fitting issue].  As an aside, I have work/church/dress up clothes, clothes that I wear around the house [hello yoga pants when it's cold!], clothes I clean in, and those I wear to work out.  I thought about making my own skirts, but really didn't want to spend the time required to make it happen.  So, this leads me to awesome bargain #1 these 3 Lily Pulitzer skirts I got on ebay for . . . .
$65 for ALL three.  [there are alligators on the blue and green skirt] There would have been a fourth, but it got snatched up before I could complete my deal with the seller.  They are so cute, and they fit perfect and are exactly what I was looking for, but of course I didn't want to wear a white t-shirt with all three.  I just finished knitting a drapey tank that will go with all three, and i have plans to wear it this weekend.  Crazy, I know, I won't sew a skirt, but I'll knit a top.  I've enhanced my summer wardrobe with 2 additional tanks, of which I have not taken pictures, but hope to fix that in the next couple weeks.  After attending the Shibui Knits trunk show at Cast on Cottage a couple months ago, I've become hooked on summer knitting.  So many awesome yarns out there that are light weight and just the thing for summers in Georgia, and the patterns!  So anyway, let me get back to the dress.  Since I've been spending more time on the deck with Sophie, I decided I needed a casual [house dress-esque] dress or a very very casual skirt I could put on after work.  It could even be ugly for all I cared.  Yesterday, I dropped off some donations at Second Life Thrift store in Decatur.  Here's my plug for them, they use their profits to help local homeless cats and dogs, so they get all my good stuff that I donate, really love their mission.  I did a quick once over [they actually have my size!], and didn't find a skirt, but I found the dress above- a J. Crew dress, and it was only $5, now how awesome is that, AND.IT.FITS [touchdown!]  I didn't have time to try it on since I had to get back to the office, but I am soooooo excited to get something that works on the cheap.  So I ask you since I saved a gazillion dollars on my summer wardrobe, does that mean I can buy more yarn for more wardrobe enhancing?!!!!!  What's go you excited.


Mary said...

super cute - and what a DEAL! hope we get to see one of those skirts with the new tank tomorrow. what's got me excited is ... pretty much everything. good times right now for sure!

Linda said...

Really cute dress!! I'm happy that you found some other items to go along with it (and get a deal too). I say - yes, you can buy more - LOL!

What has me excited? After trying and trying for the past two years to find a pair of jeans that fit me, I finally found a pair today that "will do". They are not perfect - they do not fit totally good - but I won't be embarrassed to be seen out in public in them - so that is saying a lot!

Linda in VA