Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Celebrating the Fourth of July

 Photo is from the Peachtree Road Race in 2011 Myself and Kathy M..  Not sure why I don't have one from 2012 or 2013.
My list based on Carole's prompt. We don't do a lot on the 4th, most of the time it's just too hot, and since Sophie hates loud noises we don't go outside to watch the fireworks.  I always loved to see them in person, but just never enjoyed the late evening and the crowds.

10.  Eating watermelon and/or ice cream-always refreshing.
  9.  Pull out the flag and wear red, white and blue
  8.  Eat BBQ with all the fixin's
  7.  Listen to some great patriotic music
  6.  Watch a parade-I haven't attended on in person in a long time, but love them.
  5.  Run/walk the Peachtree Road Race with 59,999 of my "closest" friends-this will be my 9th year, and I will be solo for the first time in a while :-(
  4.  Take a shower and a nap because of #5
  3.  Relax and enjoy the rest of the day-this year it is a 3 day weekend-yah!
  2.  Spend some time reading and knitting
  1.  Enjoy a cocktail (or 2)

I think it's best to keep it simple, and remember the reason why we celebrate this day.


Mary said...

bummer that you're doing the Peachtree on your own! I don't have a good excuse for the low-key way we celebrate, but I enjoy it anyway!

Linda said...

I enjoy fireworks - but smaller displays in smaller towns (like the one I'm from in Ohio). Around here, it just seems like it is all too big, too loud, and too crowded!

Linda in VA