Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Crossings

An interesting prompt from Carole this week-not something I usually give a lot of thought to-

10.  First thing in the morning I cross from bedroom to bathroom then bedroom to go downstairs.
  9.  Sophie and I go from the laundry room to the side door for our early morning potty break, and to get the newspaper.
  8.  These above is reversed, and once I'm ready for work I cross from the kitchen into the garage to my car.
  7.  When I get to work I cross from the loading dock into the building where I go through 2 more doors to get to my desk.
  6.  I cross into my boss's office to put his newspaper on his desk and check the out box, I do the same with boss #2.  I will cross these 2 thresholds many times throughout the day
  5.  Then there is the threshold in our lobby where I'll receive deliveries or guests, some days are busier than others.  Sometimes I actually go through another door and stand on the sidewalk.
  4.  Multiple trips to the ladies room [TMI?] during the day.
  3.  When it's time to heat up my lunch I cross into another office before heading outside to eat and knit.
  2.  Finally at the end of the day when I get home I plan to cross from the kitchen to the deck for a bit of relaxing.

  1.  My post dinner exercise will require me to go from the kitchen area to the basement, and then when it's bed time I'll be upstairs where #10 happens.

I wish my day was a bit more interesting with regards to which thresholds I'm crossing, like visiting with family or friends, or going somewhere special.  Now if this was a post for over the weekend, my list would be much more interesting.


Mary said...

it's interesting to see all the doors in each other's days... I don't cross that many!

Donna said...

I felt the same way - my day was kinda boring! I'm really enjoying seeing how others spend their days. I love how our furry friends cross the thresholds with us in the morning!

Linda said...

I don't cross many thresholds during my day. I don't work anymore - so tend to stay around the house much more. So I just cross the same openings over and over!

Linda in VA