Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Carole's prompt today is about knitting patterns you'd knit over and over.  For this list I'm going to put my own spin on the subject.  I rarely knit the same pattern over and over, maybe I get distracted too easily with the shiny new patterns out there.  There are however many yarns or items that I could use/do over and over, so here goes-

10.  Socks-portable, useful, fun, endless patterns and yarns
  9.  Liberty wool
  8.  Berroco Vintage and Vintage DK
  7.  Janna's Tunic (would love one in black)
  6.  Flax (such an easy pattern-would like more in other colors)
  5.  Malabrigo yarns-any weight-love how it knits up
  4.  Hats- see #10-need more of these
  3.  Pullovers-(have done several of these this year)
  2.  Summer-y tanks (Gretel, Ida, Bonny)
  1.  Shibui- (anything escept Kalvo-not impressed with this yarn)

Since I don't normally give away what I knit, I haven't had a real need to knit a pattern multiple times.  Maybe it's time I changed that?

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Mary said...

I know you knit for others! we can build up our baby catalog together :-) you've got a great list of go-to yarns/patterns. look forward to expanding the list. together!