Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A review of August

is it just me or did August just zoom by?  Honestly, I'm doing much better with a photo a day which please me tremendously.  Definitely looking forward to capturing some fall color soon.

dogs-definitely dominated this month-4 with Sophie, 2 which Harley, and 1 of potential newbies that didn't pan out :-(

knitting-am glad to see more of that-reminds me to update my Ravelry project page more often.

food-made frequent appearances including an empty plate cause sometimes I'm slow on the uptake.

I think I looked around a lot more this month.  Many of the things I enjoy in general are represented in some way-love that.  Maybe I should do a full month of either looking up or down, or some combination.

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Mary said...

oh it is fun to see the photos all in one place, isn't it? I did a #fromwhereIstand series last November - very fun - and highly recommended! I was thinking of doing it again if you'd like to join in?