Thursday, March 17, 2011

in this house.

this house is to the right (if you're looking out my window) of this apartment building that i normally blog about-found out last week they are filming a movie inside. one of my bosses's window looks right into the front door-i guess all the junk on the porch is because they are having to do a bit of renovation first. i've been checking out this website for details on the movie, and i sent in a tip. have not heard from my source.  it's going to be an interesting 3 months. happy thursday-it's gonna be gorgeous-get out there and enjoy the sunshine, i know i will!


Mary said...

you definitely win for having the most interesting view out your office window! can't wait to hear about the movie!

Beth said...

Fun! Although will that make it harder to get into and out of your office?