Sunday, September 22, 2013

best of intentions.

there have been a few distractions, so my good intentions for blogging more got a bit sidetracked over the last month and a half
there's been some knitting:  new projects: amused, chancery socks, and cora.The cowl not pictured is finished except for grafting the ends together and weaving in the end "tails".

a new paint job for the house- LOVE LOVE my red door
FINALLY, uploaded the software for my silhouette portrait. now I need to actually use it. hopefully this week.
football season is here-college and professional:  the first home game for the Falcons- new seats this season-really like the view
and i'm happy to say that project life is COMPLETELY caught up-love the project and am glad that I can do it my way.

oh yea, and she's keeping me busy too.

THAT FACE-I just wuv it. i'm hoping that now i'm into a real routine, i'll post much more frequently, and i'm really wanting to use my dsl camera a lot more, so hopefully more photos. so many goals, so little time.

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Mary said...

you get so much done! (and with a full-time day job!!) can't wait to catchup soon IRL...I want to see that silhouette in action!