Thursday, January 2, 2014


as 2014 arrives i've decided on one word that will help me in setting and achieving the goals i have for 2014-healthy. healthy in my physical, emotional and spiritual being.  i anticipate that 2014 will not have the whirlwind of activities that i experienced in 2013.  the slower pace i'm hoping will allow me to really focus on being healthy. i look forward to stretching myself with my knitting, reading, Project Life, etc. (emotional), continuing to improve what i eat and how i move (physical), and i anticipate some changes in the spiritual realm as well, but not sure how that'll take shape. moving forward with purposeful steps-that's what it'll take. btw-these wellies are becoming my most favorite footwear for walking sophie, and with the wet weather we've had a godsend.
here's to a happy 2014 come what may, and putting our best foot forward.

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Mary said...

love that you're looking at "healthy" as more than just the physical... I find that my body feels better when my mind and my heart are well-tended, too. and I LOVE your wellies (and that you have a blog tag for "boots" :-)