Friday, April 11, 2014

it's a first.

a neighborhood book club.  It's something new for me, and the response to starting this was awesome.  We had our first meeting last night, and everyone who committed to being there showed up.  We had a yummy chocolate mousse cake from costco-so good, some lovely cheeses, crackers, and fruit.  I brought the last bottle of red wine and Ann's champagne rounded out our feast.  Our discussion was just as good as the food, and I'm so glad we took the steps to make this happen.  I'm really looking forward to next month, we'll be discussing my selection Death of Bees.  Even though I just finished it a few weeks ago, our discussion about Lost Lake reminded me that I should do another re-read so I'm more prepared.  We are utilizing our clubhouse [it's such a homey setting], and we hope to be able to sit outside this summer.  Our clubhouse is so under used, and the back porch which overlooks the pool is such a nice spot and shaded.  I got to meet one new person, and I had more face time with someone I see when we are out walking our dogs.  The starting of this book club is good timing for me as I'm looking for more "me" things to do away from work and home.  Also, I don't have to drive-BONUS!


Mary said...

what a pretty setting! glad your new bookclub is off to a great start. my bookclub(s) have made reading even more fun.

Beth said...

Great! I enjoyed my neighborhood book club when I was in it. I hope to "re-up" this summer.