Tuesday, May 27, 2014

10 Things I did that made Memorial Weekend Awesome

Carole's prompt this week comes on the tail of another great weekend which has been a family tradition for almost 20 years.  We were 2 nieces short this year, but despite their absence, we had a wonderful time-as proof from my list.

10.  Slept late ( a little bit on 2 days!)
  9.  Went for walks, both with Sophie and on my own
  8.  Went for a hike at Tallulah Gorge
  6.  Reading time with my book club book Island Beneath the Sea
  5.  Worked on a special knitting project for a VERY special person
  4.  Played games-yes I know!  Team Sheffield-Tieman for Quiddler, a couple games of Zilch, and 1/2 a game of Yahtzee
  3.  Knitting-I brought plenty to work on, and felt like I'd made some good progress on my summer knitting projects.
  2.  Ate LOTS of yummy food-and had amazing cocktails and wine-always a highlight of this weekend.
  1. Spent uninterrupted time with some of the most important (and favorite) people in my life.

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Mary said...

super fun weekend - so glad we get to celebrate the beginning of summer together!