Tuesday, June 3, 2014

10 Concerts and performances I have attended

Carole's prompt this week takes me back to younger days-I am a child of the 80s-Def Lepard, Duran Duran, Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper anyone? I wanted to be amongst those who would camp outside Turtles Records and Tapes to make sure I got the best seat. Alas, I was not one of those cool kids of my youth, and it wouldn't stand in line for a concert ticket until I was almost 20.  I wasn't sure I'd even been to 10 concerts, but I made it with a couple extras.  The photo is of my concert t-shirt (yes I still have it after 24 years) from one of my all time favorite performers.  My list is chronological as best I can remember from the first to the most recent.

10.  George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers- Colosseum -Columbus, GA 1988(?)- you know the song Bad to the Bone.
  9.  Billy Joel-Omni-Atlanta GA 1990-I didn't know much about his music until I met my husband and his family-went to this with my now husband and sister and brother in law-this concert was amazing, and he's a performer I could listen to all day-every day.
  8Cher-Omni-Atlanta GA 1990 or 1991-I grew up watching her, and always thought she was pretty cool.  She's gotten sorta weird since I saw her,  so yea.
 7.  Damn Yankess and perhaps Bad Company (can't remember!)-Lakewood Amphitheater-Atlanta, GA-1991.  This was a good one, don't remember much.
 6.  B-52s-Chastain Park Amphitheater-Atlanta GA 1992-I knew the security guard, and he let me and my friend in without a ticket.
 5. Vince Gill-Omni-Atlanta GA 1995-this concert was good, but I'm not as big a fan as I used to be.
 4. The "Charles"-Ray Charles when he sang at the 96 Olympics in Atlanta, Charlie Daniels and Charlie Pride at the Grand Ole' Opry.  Oldies, but goodies.  We also so Joe Nichols who was just starting out in country music.  One of my favorites of the "new" country.
 3.  Cigar Store Indians-Eddie's Attic-Decatur, GA-local band we went to see with my sister in law and her family (late 90s?).  Love their Americana style of music.
 2. Ronnie Milsap-North GA Fair-Marietta, GA-boys were little so mid-90s?  It was good, I knew most of the songs he sang as my dad was a fan.
 1. Celtic Thunder-Fox Theater-Atlanta, GA-20oh my! Men in kilts- this was an amazing performance.

I don't think the concert experience is as great as it used to be-lip syncing, pyrotechnics, big screen monitors.  The performers seem less real, and the ticket prices!   I'm not sure who I'd go see today-Neil Diamond, Toby Keith, Billy Joel and Celtic Thunder again for sure, Matthew West, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, Michael Buble.  For now, I'll enjoy them in the comfort of my home or car with my i-Phone!


Donna said...

Billy Joel is such a great performer. I am kinda sad that I didn't get tickets to his upcoming concert but I was turned off at going up all the way up to Fenway to see him.

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Cher really has gotten a little sorta weird; I remember watching the Sonny & Cher show and loved her hair.

Fun concert list you have! Damn Yankees...wasn't that Ted Nugent and someone else together? Can't remember.


Mary said...

I do remember that Storm Front concert. Probably one of the first times we did something with you?! If he comes back to Atlanta, we're there, right?

Angelia said...

Ooooh! Celtic Thunder is a group I'd love to see!

Patty said...

I saw Cher way back when as well! It was a great concert but man did I get a lot of grief from people! ;-) Great list.