Monday, June 9, 2014

i'd forgotten.

how much i enjoyed the open road on a bicycle.  of course, taking selfies while clipped into a road bike is probably not the smartest thing, but i couldn't resist.  summer riding has officially started with 3 rides over the last couple weekends.  sunday's ride started at 8 am, and i loved the peace, solitude, and the crisp morning.  the first couple rides i took sorta slow since it had been about 6 months since i had ridden my road bike.  i had to re-acclimate myself with shifting gears, clipping in and out, and paying attention to debris and wild life on the road all at the SAME time.  i do well to follow multiple instruction in a knitting pattern with AT THE SAME TIMES, cycling is a whole 'nother thing.  along with my other interests [hobbies], i like to set performance goals, so this summer/fall i'd like to:

         ~learn accident avoidance & safety
         ~how to change a bike tire
         ~ride with a group on the real open road
         ~routinely include a week day ride
         ~participate in a charity ride

i plan to blog about how the rides go, and what i learn.  i think in order to meet these goals, i'm going to have to be real good with how i manage my time.  i don't want to neglect my other hobbies, so it'll be a challenge.  i'm making great strides with my knitting, but hope to finish what's in my bag before i cast on anything else-well see how that goes.

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Mary said...

great goals - I think you are very disciplined, so hopefully you'll find the time to do all these things!