Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mostly cocktails.

Carole's prompt for this week are favorite summer drinks, and i have many that i enjoy. In my early days beer and wine coolers were the drinks of choice, yea I know, I'm a child of the 80s.  As usual my in-laws taught me an appreciation for a varied [finer] array of beverages.  Aside from plain old-very cold water, coffee and white wine here's my list in no particular order:

10.  Sangria-love the added fruit that makes this drink more like a punch.
  9.  Margarita- tartiness of the lime is what summer is all about.
  8.  Mojito- summer isn't summer without fresh mint.
  7.  La Paloma- introduced to this on Memorial Day- tequila, grapefruit soda and cayenne pepper- I sprinkle this in the drink instead of on the rim-uh yum!
  6.  Mint Julep-yea!  I discovered bourbon a few years ago, and watching the Kentucky Derby and drinking mint juleps seems like the perfect prelude for summer cocktails drinking.
  5.  Strawberry-Mint smash (photo above) featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper this week- bourbon-fruit-mint-what's NOT to love right?!
  4.  Mali-Nali-tequila-green chartruese-pinapple juice-lime-simple syrup AND a sprig of rosemary.  My favorite cocktail from Escorpion.
  3.  Bourbon and (Diet) Ginger Ale-not sure if this exists outside of my kitchen or not
  2. Gin and Tonic-again with the lime
  1. A very cold light beer

I'll be trying this cocktail tonight, thanks to Katie's suggestion.  What beverages keep you cool during the summer?


Donna said...

Great drinks! I agree - lime is really essential in the summertime.

margene said...

Lime and mint make everything taste better! Nice list.

Patty said...

Great list! I am definitely going to try that La Paloma. It sounds so interesting. I'll let you know!

Mary said...

wow, your horizons have expanded beyond beer and wine coolers! I'm not quite onto the bourbon thing yet, but the mint juleps we had for Derby Day were delicious. and of course, any cocktail that Katie makes is always a favorite!